Ballot Access Petition Guidelines (for the 2018 Elections)

2018 Ballot Access for the Constitution PartyWe need your help to first build our county parties and to get on local (municipal and county) ballots.  Please get involved at the county level, and as we succeed there, we will then begin the process for statewide ballot access.

Below are some guidelines that will help us gather signatures with a high percentage of validity. Please familiarize yourself with these guidelines, and let's do our best to save our beloved country!


1. The form must be an exact copy of the form distributed from the Secretary of State's Office (counties use the same form).

2. How to acquire petition forms:

a. Click the link on the right to download the Ballot Access Petition file from the CPAZ website.

b. Email your county Chairman, and he will send you a .pdf file by email.

c. A paper copy from your county Chairman, or some other volunteer of the CPAZ.

d. The Secretary of State's office in downtown Phoenix or your local county elections office.

3. If you can afford it, please print out a copy to use as an original and make your own copies, otherwise just request more copies.

4. If making copies yourself, the following guidelines are a must.

a. Copies must be identical, i.e., no shrinking, no enlarging.

b. They must be clear and straight, not blurry or crooked.

c. The margins must be the same as the original.

If these guidelines are not followed all the signatures on the faulty forms will be rejected as invalid.

5. If you print out the .pdf file, you must use letter size paper (8 ½ X 11). Be sure to use the following settings on your printer.

a. Paper size set to "Letter" (8½ x 11).

b. Orientation set to "Landscape".

c. Page scaling set to "None".


1. Only registered voters may circulate petitions.

2. Those circulating the petitions must fill out the blanks at the top of the front as well as the back of the form.

a. front (the side with lines for 10 signers).

1) 1st blank: name of the County, e.g., "Pima", "Yavapai", etc. (only voters of the county indicated may sign that sheet).

2) 2nd blank: primary election date

3) 3rd blank: general election date

4) 4th blank: "Constitution Party of Arizona".

b. back.

1) 1st blank: whoever is circulating the sheet must print or type their name.

2) Write the county in which you are registered to vote (Note: not the county in which you intend to collect signatures, but the county in which you, the circulator, are registered to vote).

3) Next four blanks are self-explanatory.

3. VERY IMPORTANT! Circulators must be present when petition is signed, i.e., we may not leave them unattended for others to come by and sign.

4. Turn in all completed forms to your County Chairman. Call or email the County Chairman to get mailing address.


1. Must be registered to vote in the county designated at the top of the petition to sign.

(You may find it helpful to remind them to sign, print, record address and date to avoid mistakes like signing where they're supposed to print, or vice versa. It may also be helpful to remind them of the correct date.)

2. Their address should match the address on their voter registration card.

(P.O. boxes may not be accepted. The only acceptable entries for the address line are residential addresses, description of property location or U.S. Post Offices.)