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The Arizona Senate Education Committee will be voting on House Bill 2190 on Thursday March 19, at 9 a.m. This bill will pull Arizona out of the Common Core standards and assessments and will prohibit the state from implementing similar national standards. Instead, the Arizona Education Standards Development and Improvement Committee, along with the State Board of Education, will provide public notice of any proposed adoption or revision of academic content standards.

While the Common Core standards do not directly impact homeschool families, there are several indirect consequences. The most concerning is that colleges could begin to require that all students demonstrate completion of Common Core-aligned curriculum through high school or require all students to pass the Common Core assessments in order to be admitted into college.

Please contact the members of the Senate Education Committee members listed below NOW and urge them to support House Bill 2190 and pull Arizona out of the Common Core standards.

Senate Education Committee Members

Senator Jeff Dial (Republican- LD18)
Phone: 602-926-5550

Senator Kimberly Yee (Republican-LD8)
Phone: 602-926-3024

Senator Carlyle Begay (Democrat-LD7)
Phone: 602-926-5862

Senator Kelli Ward (Republican-LD5)
Phone: 602-926-4138

Senator Sylvia Allen (Republican -LD6)
Phone: 602-926-5409

Steve Smith (Republican-LD11)
Phone: 602-926-5685

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