Ballot Access Petition Guidelines for the 2020 Elections

The Constitution Party of Arizona has begun its 2020 Ballot Access Campaign! We need your help to become the next new political party to gain state ballot access in Arizona. In 2020, it will have been twenty years since the last time a new political party gained ballot access in the state. This is a significant undertaking and we will need your help to accomplish it. Please join us, and together, we will make history in the great State of Arizona!

Below are some guidelines that will help us gather signatures with a high percentage of validity. Please familiarize yourself with these guidelines, and let's do our best to save our beloved country!


1. The form must be an exact copy of the form distributed from the Secretary of State's Office (counties use the same form).

2. How to acquire petition forms:

a. Click the link on the right to download the Ballot Access Petition file from the CPAZ website.

b. Email your county President and they will send you a PDF file by email.

c. A paper copy from your county President or some other volunteer of the CPAZ.

3. If you can afford it, please print out a copy to use as an original and make your own copies, otherwise just request more copies.

4. If making copies yourself, the following guidelines are a must.

a. Copies must be identical, i.e., no shrinking, no enlarging.

b. They must be clear and straight, not blurry or crooked.

c. The margins must be the same as the original.

If these guidelines are not followed all the signatures on the faulty forms will be rejected as invalid.

5. If you print out the PDF file, you must use letter size paper (8 ½ X 11). Be sure to use the following settings on your printer.

a. Paper size set to "Letter" (8½ x 11).

b. Orientation set to "Landscape".

c. Page scaling set to "None".

d. Select "Print on both sides of paper" and "Flip on short edge."


1. Any person who is qualified to register to vote in Arizona may circulate petitions.

2. Those circulating the petitions must fill out the blanks at the top of the front as well as the back of the form. Petitions must be completed in either black or blue ink (please use ball point pens). Please have a clipboard and good pens available to make it easier for those signing the petition.

a. front (the side with lines for 10 signers).

1) 1st blank: name of the County, e.g., "Pima", "Yavapai", etc. (only voters of the county indicated may sign that sheet).

2) 2nd blank (primary election): 25th of August 2020

3) 3rd blank (general election): 3rd of November 2020

4) 4th blank: "Constitution Party of Arizona".

b. back.

1) 1st blank: whoever is circulating the sheet must print or type their name.

2) Write the county in which you are registered to vote (Note: not the county in which you intend to collect signatures, but the county in which you, the circulator, are registered to vote).

3) Next four blanks are self-explanatory.

3. VERY IMPORTANT! Circulators must be present when petition is signed, i.e., we may not leave them unattended for others to come by and sign.

4. When you have gathered all of the signatures that you are going to gather, please Contact Us and we will advise you of where to send the petitions or of who to give them to. Please do not fold the petitions (each page should be kept flat and in as good a condition as possible for running through a high speed scanner).


1. Must be registered to vote in the county designated at the top of the petition to sign.

2. Their address should match the address on their voter registration card.

3. The circulator should watch the person as they complete the petition. The circulator must witness the signature. The circulator should walk the signer through the entire process of completing the petition as they go. Greet the potential signer and ask them if they would please sign a petition to allow the Constitution Party of Arizona to be officially recognized as a new political party in Arizona and to appear on the ballot. If they say yes, ask them if they are a registered voter in Arizona (they must be registered and the petition form that they sign must be for the Arizona county that they are registered in). Ask them to please start by reading the actual brief petition wording at the top of the petition and to then sign their name in the middle of the next signature box without going outside the boundaries and to please stay within the boundary lines when completing the remaining 3 sections. When you have witnessed their signature, ask them to then please print their name in the next box. When they have done that, ask them to please print their complete actual residence in the next box. When they have done that, remind them of the date and ask them to please enter the date in a numbers format of: month/day/year. Thank them for signing the petition. Once they have walked away, if they have made any mistake such as printing their signature, or leaving the date blank, there is nothing that you can do (you, as the circulator, must not enter or alter anything). That is why it is best to walk the signers through the entire process.