The only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
~ Edmund Burke

Well I don't want to be one who does nothing and has to stand before my God and answer for my actions of doing nothing to change that which could be changed.

I believe you also have that desire. That you also desire to change things, to return to the ways things were set up. The ways laid down by our founding fathers many years ago, founded upon the principles given to us by God himself in His Word and established in our Constitution.

Many say that we'll never have more then a two party system, but remember, the Republican Party started as a third party. The Democratic Party was never a third party, they grew out of Jefferson's Anti-Federalist during Washington's administration.

With your help we can make the Constitutional Party as promenent as the two parties now in power but we need your help. We need volunteers just like you, in all walks of life, to start talking with your friends, neighbors, families, and others about the Values and Ideas embodied in the Constitutional Party.

We need people who can help:

  • Serve as country and district officers
  • Gather ballot access petition signatures
  • Develop and distribute literature
  • Ran as candidates for federal, state and, local office
  • Recruit members
  • Help manage political campaigns
  • Fund raising

One of the first things we need to do is a voter registration drive to collect enough valid signatures so the the Constitution Party can get on the ballot for the upcoming elections (click here for details). Your help in doing this monumental task will greatly help us get the word out that there is hope, that there is something different for people to choose from.